Lilleshall Abbey




Lilleshall Abbey was an Augustinian abbey founded between 1145 and 1148. For centuries it was recognised as a place of esteemed worship, and in some cases, even burial.

The monastic life at Lilleshall Abbey was funded by a land and other properties that were located locally, esepcially during the first 100 years of it exhistance. Other examples can be found all across Shropshire, including Haughmond, Shrewsbury, Uckington, Wroxeter and Tong.

It’s well worth a visit if staying locally. It offers an incredible sense of tranquility which is hard to find in 21st century Britain – an overwhelming sense perhaps for some with a number of stories of ghostly abberations. The occasional cow could well be your only companion on the adjacent farm track, in an otherwise totally rural and picturesque setting. On a summers day, it is a most delightful place for a moment of contemplation.

The property is cared for by The English Heriatge and it’s free to visit with opening times from 10am during Spring and Summer. Parking is limited, but then that’s the beauty of the place, as you’ll probably have it all to your own.

For more information, visit the English Heritage website: http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/daysout/properties/lilleshall-abbey/


Lilleshall Abbey in Shropshire

Lilleshall Abbey in Shropshire